Recycling at One Sherman Square

The building also has an aggressive recycling program. The building has two ABRI (Apartment Building Recycling Initiative) reps to assist the building in meeting NYC recycling requirements. The two resident reps were trained by the Bureau of Waste Prevention, Reuse and Recycling (BWPRR), a division of the Department of Sanitation. If residents have additional questions, they are encouraged to leave a note for the reps at the Concierge Desk. Residents are required, by law, to recycle and to separate their recyclables. Recycling can be confusing and the reps are happy to assist any resident in need of help.

To help residents source-separate, the building's trash rooms contain two recycle bins with clear instructions explaining what items belong in each bin. There is a blue bin for all clean food-grade glass, plastic bottles & jugs, beverage cartons, metal and foil. There is a green bin for all "clean" dry paper and cardboard. If residents are confused as to what to do with caps, plastic jars, broken glass or wire hangers, they can leave a note for the ABRI reps at the Concierge Desk, or they can go to the Bureau of Waste Prevention, Reuse and Recycling for further instruction.

Hazardous waste is a big concern to everyone. Residents should take steps to properly dispose of their dangerous waste, so as not to hurt the staff or other residents. Medical waste falls into this category and should never be placed in a recycle bin. If a resident needs instruction on what to do with their waste they can contact the reps through the Concierge Desk. Guidelines may also be found on the BWPRR's website.  

As previously communicated, New York State has banned the disposal of certain electronic items with regular trash. These include items such as computers and their peripherals, TVs, fax machines, VCRs, DVD players, printers/scanners, video game consoles, MP3 players, tablets, and small servers. 

Please see nyc.gov/electronics for more information and a complete list. 

Sherman Square is enrolled in the DSNY's e-cycleNYC program to make it convenient for residents to comply with this new law. The NYC Department of Sanitation bin, located on the garage/laundry room level, is a locked container, and therefore residents should leave any electronic devices in each floor’s garbage room and the building staff will dispose of the item(s) by placing them in the container. You may also leave items on top of the container. If you are concerned about any privacy information which may reside on hard drives, please inform the front desk and they will have one of the staff unlock the bin for you.  

The building also houses a bin, located in the basement, to collect textile and other materials for recycling or reuse, Wearable Collections. Residents are encouraged to place their washed, unwanted items in the bin. It is helpful if the items are put into plastic bags, this helps to empty the bin faster at collection time. Collection is once a week. 

Thank you for your cooperation and compliance.